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Hire a Trust Litigation Attorney to Protect Your Inheritance And Ensure Fair Distribution

While both wills and trusts are valuable estate planning tools, trusts offer more flexibility and control over asset distribution. However, disputes can arise during management due to complex assets or family tensions. Whether conflicts involve beneficiaries, trustees or external parties, legal guidance is essential.

Based in Edina, The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor has over 30 years of legal experience, and founding attorney D. Clay Taylor has taken many incredibly complicated disputes to litigation in the past. Our team prides itself on high-energy legal work for clients in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

Common Trust Litigation Issues

Common trust litigation issues can arise from various situations and often involve disagreements between the beneficiaries and the trustee or challenges to the trust’s validity. The most common reasons for trust litigation include:

  • Breach of trust: The trustee fails to fulfill their responsibilities towards the beneficiaries.
  • Trust validity issues: Challenges arise regarding the legitimacy of the trust’s creation.
  • Interpretation disputes: Ambiguous language within the trust document leads to disagreements between beneficiaries and the trustee on how to handle the trust.
  • Distribution disagreements: Beneficiaries can contest the way trust assets are distributed, either due to delays, unfairness or perceived discrepancies.
  • Communication breakdown: Lack of communication from the trustee towards the beneficiaries creates mistrust and potential legal action.

No matter the trust litigation issue you are facing, you are better off seeking legal counsel.

High-Asset Trust Litigation

High-net-worth individuals often utilize complex trusts to manage their estates. These trusts involve significant assets and tricky legal structures, and defects in how the documents were drafted, breaches of fiduciary duty and allegations of undue influence can all lead to litigation. Through many years of experience, Attorney Taylor has become adept at untangling clients’ complex high-asset trusts.

Our AV Preeminent* peer-review rated legal services through Martindale-Hubbell ensure expert handling of such trust disputes, no matter their complexity.

We Love A Complex Case. Let’s Talk

We approach our role with the utmost seriousness and collaborate closely with our clients to formulate a strategic plan. Call The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor at 612-355-8793 or email us for a legal consultation today to learn how we can help with your problem.