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Your Sales Representative Lawyers

For more than 20 years, The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor has represented clients who pioneer new markets for other companies’ products and services. Our attorneys and staff have seen how sales representatives get used and abused by manufacturers.

Our founding attorney, Clay Taylor, is known in the industry as “The Rep Lawyer.” He built his reputation as a litigator by standing up for the rights of independent sales representatives in disputes over commissions and contract terminations. You have strong and specific rights in many states, but you still need an advocate who knows the law to enforce your rights.

“There is a quixotic element to what I do. I really like my clients. I want to help them. I’ve watched these people work hard only to have their life savings go down the drain or their livelihood be put in jeopardy. At the same time, somebody else is profiting from their work. There is an element of justice to what I do. When we finish a case I want the client to leave saying: ‘I like him; I think he’s smart. He gave me good advice, and he was fair to me.'” – Clay Taylor

Nationwide Representation In Sales Rep Commission Disputes

We have represented salespeople who have sold everything from mainframe computers to garbage cans! This sounds funny, but it’s true. We have seen every channel of product sale or distribution possible in markets from New York City to Los Angeles, with substantial experience in the garments industry. Here’s some of what our lawyers do:

  • Collect overdue and unpaid commissions
  • Handle territorial incursions, breaches of contact and unjustified terminations
  • Enforce state laws requiring prompt commission payment
  • Negotiate the “divorce settlement” when a manufacturer wants to bring a sales rep’s account in-house
  • Represent distributors in disputes with manufacturers

Our attorneys use industry experience and a deep understanding of the law to deliver the most cost-effective solution for you. Depending on where you are based or what territories you cover, state laws may offer good protection. For example, here in Minnesota, a sales representative cannot be terminated without good cause, and our firm has made corporations pay handsomely for violating that statute.

Our Founder Made A Career Out Of Educating And Advocating For Sales Reps

Attorney Taylor has presented many seminars for independent sales rep groups on what they need to know to protect themselves and prosper in the lopsided rep/manufacturer dynamic. See the video below and more samples of my industry presentations on my Videos page.

He has also put together a section of Frequently Asked Questions for sales reps and assembled a state-by-state breakdown of laws pertaining to sales representatives.

Watch his video and listen to what our clients are saying.

The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor is based in Edina, Minnesota, but welcomes inquiries and referrals throughout the United States relating to sales rep litigation. Call us at 612-355-8793 to arrange a consultation.