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I’m a litigator – which means I’m a trial lawyer, a negotiator and a problem solver. I have played the peacemaker. I have been David battling Goliath. And I’ve been the janitor cleaning up a miserable legal mess.

A Minnesota Litigation Firm With A Nationwide Reach

My litigation practice ranges from high-stakes business disputes to fights over inheritances and sales commissions. The common thread is my knack for simplifying complex issues and zeroing in on the sensible resolution.


A Minnesota Litigation Firm With A Nationwide Reach

Probate And Estate Litigation

Business Litigation

Sales Reps And Franchisees

When Inheritance Leads To Conflict

Estate-related disputes can be legally tangled and highly emotional, pitting family against family. I have represented heirs, executors and trustees in probate and trust litigation, from contested wills to breach of fiduciary duty. I know how to peel back the layers to get to the core conflict and a plan of action.

Having served as the personal representative when members of my own family passed, I can sympathize with clients who are saddled with this heavy responsibility. It’s an overwhelming and thankless job, especially if you are accused of impropriety.

Sales Reps And The Short End Of The Stick

I built my legal reputation as “The Rep Lawyer” fighting for independent sales representatives in payment disputes. I still serve as counsel to national and regional sales rep groups, holding corporations accountable for withholding commissions or terminating sales agreements.

Commissioned sales reps are routinely used and abused by manufacturers, but through hard-nosed litigation, I have leveled the playing field and secured civil justice in cases across the country. I also represent franchise owners and distributors nationwide in legal disputes.

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Taking Care Of Business

Business disputes are inevitable. The key is how you respond. Can you put out the fire? Should you cut your losses or take your chances in court? I have litigated everything from breach of contract to partnership disputes and theft of trade secrets. I tailor my approach to the unique circumstances and your goals.

I’m Here To Listen
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Attorney Clay Taylor.

I am attorney Clay Taylor. Over the years, I have litigated multimillion-dollar lawsuits and brokered the ugliest family fights. Whatever you are facing, I am up to the challenge, backed by 30-plus years in the legal trenches.

Success Breeds Success

I have had my share of victories at trial, including notable verdicts in high-profile cases. Some of my best work also occurs outside the courtroom, convincing the other side (or my own client) to sit down and settle things reasonably.