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“Whatever the issue – a territorial incursion, trouble with collections, the termination of an distribution agreement, price changes or other factor – my clients know they can call my firm any time and get smart legal and business advice.” – Clay Taylor

It’s hard to be the middleman. Conflicts come at you from both sides. At The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor, our lawyers provide dependable counsel and aggressive representation for whatever challenges you face.

Our founding attorney, Clay Taylor, is a litigator and business lawyer with 30-plus years of experience under his belt. Our Minnesota-based firm serves distribution companies throughout the country and across many industries. You can turn to us to:

  • Review and negotiate distributorship agreements and renewals
  • Deal with the fallout from the loss of a major product line
  • Maintain dealer networks and advertising co-ops
  • Handle all types of dealer disputes
  • Protect your interests in disputes with manufacturers

To discuss our founder’s credentials in distributor law and how we can assist in your predicament, call us at 612-355-8793 or send us an email to set up a consultation.

Watch this video and listen to what our clients are saying.