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Resolving Conflicts Between Business Owners

Sometimes you’re so busy dealing with the outside world that you don’t see the threat within. Disputes between business partners or shareholders tend to escalate quickly. You can’t afford to let it play out or assume your co-owner will play fair.

At the first sign of trouble, do not hesitate to call The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor. After his 30 years as a business litigator in high-stakes disputes, our founding attorney can quickly gauge where you stand and what we need to do to protect your interests. Whether this is ultimately resolved in or out of court, our staff and attorneys are attuned to the impact on the business and your personal finances.

Partnership Disputes And Shareholder Lawsuits

Some business partnerships, like marriages, do not stand the test of time. Co-owners may turn out to have different visions for the company or incompatible styles. Perhaps you suspect fraud or embezzlement. Sometimes one partner simply wants to be done or several stakeholders conspire to push another one out.

Our firm has handled all these scenarios and all the variations of what happens next. We can capably address:

  • Partnership dissolution – Disbanding the entity and dividing the assets and liabilities
  • Partnership resolution – Brokering a new partnership agreement or other salvage
  • Structured buyout – A negotiated settlement to buy out one partner’s or shareholder’s stake
  • Freeze-out/squeeze-out – Power plays by majority shareholders to force minority shareholders to sell
  • Minority shareholder oppression – Lawsuits by minority stakeholders to retain their shares or gain a voice in operations
  • Buy-sell clauses – Provisions in the partnership, shareholder or operating agreement that trigger a buyout, such as a divorce of one member

The first thing is to triage the conflict and decide if you can (or want to) continue as co-owners. If not, then we explore the options such as filing a formal lawsuit or seeking an injunction. Eventually, we will delve into valuations and other factors relevant to a settlement or trial proceedings.

We Have Got Your Back

The implosion of a business arrangement is stressful and urgent. At The Law Office of D. Clay Taylor, you have a responsive team, and our attorneys will personally handle your case. Based in Edina, we welcome inquiries about partnership disputes and shareholder litigation in the Twin Cities and statewide. Call 612-355-8793 or contact us online.